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What type of information appears if fingerprints are taken?

When an attorney asks you that an investigation of your immigration history will be conducted, and we need your fingerprints to do so, then what the attorney is likely referring to is an investigation from the Office of Biometric Identity Management (“OBIM”).

OBIM oversees the storing of data collected of a person’s fingerprints. For immigration purposes, this means fingerprints that were taken by immigration officials at the border or when the immigrant went to a service center.

If at any time, your fingerprints were taken, then it is likely that OBIM has your records. This is a limited list of what it likely appears when someone sees your OBIM record:

· Photograph: It is common that the result will provide your photograph, if one was taken of you.

· Name(s): The investigation will provide the name given to the officer at the time. If you lied about your name, a different name will appear, and you may be accused of fraud.

· Date of birth

· Immigrant A-number: This number may also appear, and it may indicate a number of things, including but not limited to, previous deportations or a previous case submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

· Entry information: This investigation may also provide the place where you tried to enter the United States and the type of apprehension.

With any investigation, the United States government may limit the scope of what your attorney may see due to legal or national security issues.

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