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What happens to you when ICE arrests you?

When the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrests you, they first determine who you are and whether you are living in the United States legally. If ICE determines that you are living in the United States without proper documentation, then the following steps take place:

1. ICE investigates your immigration and criminal background. If ICE decides that you do not pose a threat to the community or are likely to escape to another state or country, then ICE releases you to your community to await your immigration hearing.

2. If ICE determines that you cannot be released, then you are transferred to the nearest detention center that has space. This sometimes means sending you across border lines if there is not a detention center available.

3. Depending on whether you sign documents for voluntary departure, you may be released within days or weeks. If you prefer to fight your case, then your detention will be elongated as the different court hearings take place.

Nonetheless, whatever happens it is very important to contact an immigration attorney who can take your case, because there is a high probability that you will be put into deportation procedures.

How can an immigration attorney help me while I am detained or waiting for a court hearing?

An immigration attorney can protect your rights and help you maximize your possibilities of staying in the United States. An attorney will help you through the process, guide you, and fight for you to remain in the United States by applying any of the following legal procedures:

* Apply for Adjustment of Status

* Apply for asylum

* Apply for cancelation of removal or deportation

* Terminate your immigration court case

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