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The TN visa for professionals

The TN visa was created by the Free Trade Agreement. The TN non-immigrant visa allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to enter the United States temporarily to work in professional-level activities. You may be eligible for a TN Visa if:

· You are a citizen of Canada or Mexico;

· Your profession qualifies under the regulations;

· The job position you are seeking in the United States requires a Free Trade Agreement professional;

· You were already required for a full-time or part-time job with a United States employer (you do not qualify if you are self-employed);

· Fulfills the requirements to practice the profession in question

Some of the benefits of the TN visa in addition to the authorization to work within the company in the United States and permission to live in the country. Or, live in your country of origin, which in this case applies to Mexico and Canada, and cross freely to the United States to work.

It is important to emphasize that the recipient of the TN visa can obtain a TD visa so that their spouse and children can live and study in the United States.

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