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Naturalization is the way in which a person born in a country other than the United States voluntarily chooses to obtain US citizenship. For an adult who wants to obtain US citizenship, she or he has to enter the naturalization process.

Generally, the process is as follows:

1. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying for naturalization;

2. Have been admitted as a permanent resident of the United States;

3. At the time of your application, have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years (or at least 3 years if you obtained your residency through your wife or husband);

4. You can check a continuity as a permanent resident;

5. You can verify physical presence in the United States: 30 months in the case of 5 years, and 18 months in the case of 3 years;

6. You have lived in the State or district of your application for at least 3 months;

7. Can prove good moral character;

8. Can demonstrate ability to read, write, speak, and understand basic English;

9. Can demonstrate basic knowledge of United States history, government, and civics; and

10. Take an oath of allegiance to the United States.

Over the past decade, the USCIS immigration department welcomed more than 7.4 million naturalized citizens.

How to take the citizenship test in any other language other than English?

Being 50 years old or more + minimum 20 years of permanent resident

There are 100 questions to study

Be 55 years or older + minimum 15 years of permanent resident

There are 100 questions to study

Being 65 years old or over + minimum 20 years of permanent resident

There are 20 questions to study

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