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Family based petitions

All immigration procedures begin with a petition from a relative, be it a US citizen or permanent resident.

How to start an immigration process in the United States?

1. Leave Laziness Behind: Decide that you have the power and responsibility to change your immigration status. At the very least, find out if your case has merit by asking an attorney about your case.

2. Find out if you have at least one of these relationships: Daughter, father or mother, sisters, or spouse with US citizenship. Then they can petition you. A person who has a permanent residence can also be your petitioner, only they have some limitations. Consult an attorney.

3. Request as many petitions as you can: A petition is the first phase of immigration procedures. If you have several family members who may request it, it is advisable to put all those requests.

4. Start gathering evidence: If this is the first time you are going to do an immigration process, you will need the following documentation: birth certificates, marriage certificates if you are married, and copies of identification. More evidence will be requested depending on the processing of your case.

5. Do not commit a crime: It is important that you do not commit a crime as it can affect your immigration process. If you already have a crime, consult an immigration attorney to ask how it would affect you and what you can do about it.

6. Start saving: All procedures generate expenses, to the lawyer's fees you must add the government fees, medical exams, and if necessary the trip to the office or consulate where your interview will be.

7. If you are a permanent resident, enter your citizenship papers: The benefits of a US citizen are many compared to those of a permanent resident.

8. If you have appointments with immigration, do not be absent or late.

9. Keep copies of any immigration papers that come to you.

10. Take action TODAY.

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