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Cancellation of removal Can I be deported? What do I do if I am stopped?

Deportations and Removals

Deportations is the process by which an immigrant, who does not have citizenship, is removed from the United States. The preferred term among immigration agencies and immigration attorneys is "removal." In other words, a deportation is similar to a removal.


If you or a family member is detained by an immigration agent:

(1) do not sign any documents; Y

(2) ask for a phone call to your family, who would contact an immigration attorney, or you would call your immigration attorney directly.

Which person is removable:

The list which indicates who can be removed from the United States is found in Section 237 of the law known in English as the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The following list details who can be removed outside of the United States (it is not an exhaustive list):

1. Any immigrant (including Legal Residents) who have committed certain types of crimes such as serious felonies, domestic violence, crimes against morals, or any crime that carries a prison term of more than one year.

2. If you are found to have defrauded the United States government

3. Committed fraud on your application with the immigration department (for example, your marriage was not bona fide)

4. Having tried to bring undocumented people into the United States

5. You have said you are a United States citizen when you are not.

If you have been detained by an immigration agent and a removal has been started against you, it does not mean that you will be removed from the United States. A removal can be stopped by starting an immigration case under the U Visa, for example. An immigrant who is not a citizen, when arrested, has the right to be represented by an attorney. Please contact a qualified immigration attorney for your representation.

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