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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) is a program that provides assistance to victims of domestic violence, and is designed for individuals who wish to become lawful permanent residents under the VAWA Act.

Who is eligible to immigrate under VAWA?

✅ Any husband or wife who has suffered abuse or mistreatment by his or her citizen or permanent resident spouse.

✅ Parents who have been abused by their citizen son or daughter.

✅ Children under age 21 who are not married, and who have been mistreated or abused by their citizen or permanent resident parent.

Requirements to apply for VAWA:

1️⃣ There must be a legal relationship, meaning the applicants must be civilly married.

2️⃣ Domestic violence must have occurred within the United States. Individuals who have left the country may apply, as long as they can show that the domestic violence occurred within the United States, supported by evidence.

3️⃣ The legal relationship must continue or, if the relationship has already ended, the petition must be filed within two years of the termination of the relationship, either by divorce or by the death of the citizen or resident spouse.

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