What happens after I enter the United States with my passport after my successful interview at a United States consulate or embassy?

You went to your interview at a United States consulate or Embassy in your country of origin to become a Legal Permanent Resident, you successfully completed your interview, you received your passport, which includes a United States visa, and you entered the United States. Congratulations!!

After entering the United States, you will have to wait five days before being able to order your green card. The total cost will be $220.00 and, generally, once it arrives it will be valid for ten years starting with the date your case was approved at the U.S. consulate or embassy. You will have to wait your green card to arrive within approximately 120 days.

To order your green card you will need the following information:

  • your A-number, your case ID, which usually starts with letters such as CDJ, MEP, etc.
  • the address where you want your green card to arrive
  • and a credit or debit card information for the payment. *You may access a USCIS website to fulfill this transaction.

If you are being represented by an attorney, feel free to contact them to help you with this process.

IF you would like to make an appointment please contact us at 619-662-2170

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