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Your Family – United

Mr. Sandoval had been in the US since 1998, where he was working as a butcher. At the time, his employer filed a labor certification to allow him to immigrate. He was unable to complete the process and the labor certification was never approved.

His daughter, Linda, had immigrated and become a US citizen. She wanted to petition for her father, but since Mr. Sandoval was in the US and had accumulated unlawful presence, his only alternative would be to leave the US and risk being outside the US for ten years.

We knew leaving the US was not an option for Mr. Sandoval, so we argued that his labor certification, although never approved, was “approvable when filed.” Since it was filed before April 30, 2001, he would qualify to adjust status under 245i, thereby, avoiding having to leave the US.

Once we filed, within 3 months, Mr. Sandoval had employment and travel authorization. At the final interview, we strongly argued Mr. Sandoval’s case fell within the “approvable when filed.” provision under 245i. The officer didn’t agree, and referred this matter to Citizenship and Immigration Service’s counsel. After two weeks in review, Mr. Sandoval was approved. Due to our effort, Mr. Sandoval didn’t risk leaving the US, and successfully immigrated. Today, he travels freely in and outside the US and work full time in San Diego, California, living with his daughter.



Mrs. Klein had been living in the US since 1988. Her ex-husband had been arrested for drug trafficking, and implicated his wife in the crime. Although she was innocent, her attorney told her to plead guilty, because they were after the husband, and not her. She plead guilty, and received no jail time, and only a small fine. However, immigration law provides a permanent inadmissibility for anyone involved in any crime involving drug trafficking.

Many years later, Mrs. Klein married Mr. Klein, a successful business owner. Mr. Klein petitioned for his wife, but at the time of the final interview, she was denied due to the drug trafficking offense. She was referred to an immigration judge, who, although sympathized with Mrs. Klein, ordered her removed from the US.

Mrs. Klein left to Mexico, and reached out to us to see if there was anything we could do. Once we interviewed her, we found out that Mrs. Klein’s son and daughter were both victims of a crime. Mrs. Klein assisted the authorities in bringing the perpetrator to justice. We applied for a U visa, for victims of crimes. We argued Mrs. Klein was the indirect victim of the crime, and her cooperation with the authorities was vital to bringing the perpetrator to justice. Although it took some time to process, her U visa was ultimately approved, and she was able to reunite with her US Citizen husband and children, bringing an end to a long drawn out immigration process. Mrs. Klein is now on her way to becoming a US Citizen.


Your Business – Successful

For many years, Edgar Valdez operated his company from Tijuana, Mexico, importing tomatoes, onions, and other produce from Mexico to the United States. Edgar had many US clients, including major supermarket chains, however, he was unable to grow his business because he could not come to the US to meet with his clients personally and grow the Company’s sales.

Edgar came to us for a consultation, and we quickly created a strategy for Edgar to be able to incorporate his business in the United States. Within 6 months, we were able to prove the viability of his business, and show sales and substantial imports to the US with sufficient frequency. We applied for a treaty trader visa (E1 Visa) for him, and Edgar received his visa to allow him to come to the US to live, and work. Edgar quickly loved his new life in the US and within 2 months, acquired visas for his spouse and children. Within 1 year, Edgar relocated his family to the US where he continues to operate his business.

Edgar not only transformed his personal life, but also his business. Once in the US, he was able to get better and bigger clients and increased his sales by 300% within his first two years of operation in the US. He is now running a successful produce distribution company in San Diego, California and has even created employment in the US since he now hires 6 full-time employees.



Mr. Williams was a successful entrepreneur in Mexico and operated several high- profile companies. He was in the US for many years on a temporary visa. His attorney charged him yearly for his visa renewal, and Mr. Williams felt as though he was constantly in the visa renewal process, not to mention spending exorbitant yearly attorney fees. Additionally, Mr. Williams’s son was 19 years old, and he would be forced to return to Mexico upon turning 21 years old, and be separated from his family. Mr. Williams looked for a better alternative.

We created a strategy for Mr. Williams to change his temporary visa to one that would allow a long-term solution, one that would allow for a permanent residency. We applied for a new L1 visa, and upon approval, file for an employment-based legal permanent residency, without the need of filing a labor certification. We saved Mr. Williams thousands of dollars in attorneys and government fees, not to mention 10 months of case-processing time, and all prior to his son turning 21 years old.

Today, Mr. Williams is living with his family in San Diego, California, able to fully concentrate on running his business without the need for constant visa renewals, saving thousands of dollars on attorneys.

A large multi-national company, headquartered in Mexico, was in need of brining engineers to the US. Unfortunately, not all the applicants had completed their university degrees. Therefore, getting them an H1B work visa would be difficult, time consuming, expensive, and risky since there are many more applicants than number of visas available.

Since the applicants were Mexican nationals, and the Company was also Mexican, we argued the Applicant’s could come to the US either as “Computer Systems Analysts” or “Scientific Technicians”, which doesn’t require university degrees, but does require experience. The Consulate Officer agreed and approved all the applications submitted.

Today, the Company employs 6 Mexican nationals in their operations in the US, bringing to the US some much needed experience and talent.



Your Future – Secured

Thelma was a hardworking and ambitious young lady from Tijuana with a degree in marketing and many high profile clients. However, Thelma was underpaid and overworked. She came to us to see if there was an opportunity for her in the US.

Thelma was hired by a professional services firm to handle the marketing for the firm and quickly received a professional visa that would allow Thelma to live and work in the US. It only took her two weeks between her fingerprint appointment and the interview at the US Consulate in Tijuana to start working in the US.

Thelma decided to continue to live in Mexico but is now paid 300% more than she was previously making in Tijuana. Her employers are excited with Thelma’s talent and have even offered her a full-time position with a permanent residence, realizing Thelma’s dream of being able to live and work in the US.



LGF Tax and Accounting professionals were in need of a Mexican public accountant to work with their multinational companies, with operations both in the US and Mexico. The ideal candidate would have significant experience in Mexican tax code. They reached out to Mr. Vargas, a well known accountant in Tijuana, Mexico. We were able to bring Mr. Vargas to the US on a TN visa. Mr. Vargas has proven to be such a successful addition to LGF, they have decided to hire another Mexican accountant.

Manuel was a hard working and talented business development director for a large Mexican company. He wanted to come to the US to live and work, and began submitting applications to US Companies. Most companies did not want to hire a foreign national because of the tedious US immigration laws.

Manuel came to us for help. We told Manuel exactly how to “sell” the idea of applying for a non-immigrant visa (all we would need from the US employer was a written job offer). Manuel immediately got 3 offers and came to us with his first choice, with a written job offer. Two weeks later, Manuel received his TN visa and within 1 month had relocated to the US at his dream job. Several years later, the Company decided to sponsor Manuel for permanent residency.



Your Dreams – Fulfilled