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We are a team, of dedicated and passionate immigration attorneys. We’re not just bilingual; we’re bicultural. Most of us studied in Mexico and in the United States. With various team members licensed to practice in California and Mexico, we can serve you on both sides of the border.

Filex Sanchez

– Founder and Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law

My parents were immigrants to the United States, and I appreciate all of their hard work to be able to offer my family a better life. My father founded his immigration consulting practice in 1972 and taught me everything he knew about the process of immigration. After I attended law school at the University of San Diego, I thought I was going to go into corporate law, but after a short time in that field I missed something. In immigration law, I am able to make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, and that is extremely rewarding. This is why I do what I do. I’m in the business of uniting families, realizing dreams, and securing futures for the next generation of Americans.

My parents were immigrants.
I understand your challenges.

– Filex Sanchez, Esq., Founder and Certified Specialist

Union Law Group is the culmination of all of my years of education and hard work, as well as the tremendous work and effort of my parents. I am honored for the opportunity to serve my community and make a difference in the lives of so many hardworking families.


“From the moment I walked into your office,
I felt welcomed & comfortable enough to ask all the questions & doubts I had”.

– Botello Family

Guillermo Carrasco – Attorney Licensed to Practice in Mexico Only

I was born and raised in Tijuana, and living in the busiest border-crossing city in the world inspired me—I wanted to pursue a career where I could work with people in both sides of the border.  I became a permanent resident and then a U.S. Citizen through my dad before I was 21 years old, what gave me the opportunity to study a L.L.M from the University of San Diego School of Law. Being able to have the opportunity to thrive professionally is what motivated me to practice immigration law, because I enjoy helping my clientes pursue their dreams in the United States.

To have lived the immigration process allows me to understand the advantages and opportunities that are given by immigrating to the United States.

– Guillermo Carrasco, Attorney Licensed to Practice in Mexico only

Today I am running a Union Law Group office in Tijuana, where we help our clients with Mexican and international Law. I was able to improve myself by a decision my dad made, so I feed very proud to do the same for my clients.


As a first-generation citizen from immigrant parents of Ecuador and Mexico, I was the first to pursue a higher education. It was not until I went to law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law when I was representing my first asylum client that I discovered my family also had their own immigration stories. It was when my parents told me that they too could have been undocumented that I knew I had been a product and benefited from Immigration Law.
Since then I felt a connection to immigration and knew I had to help others in my family’s position because I knew first hand the opportunities their future children could have. After winning my asylum case in Law school and graduating in 2016, I made it my mission to become an immigration attorney.

Being a daughter of immigrants, my passion is to help families like mine.

– Sabrina Ragui, Associate attorney

I chose law because I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, being a beneficiary of the US Immigration laws, which provided my family the opportunity of a better future for us, I recognized my passion to do the same for people in my community.


Seeking a career in the legal profession is something I have always been passionate about. I am a first generation United States citizen and as such, I lived through the struggles that my parents went through before legally immigrating into this country. These struggles inspired me and helped me develop a passion for helping others like those who helped my parents.

Working as an Immigration Lawyer, I feel enthusiastic about fulfilling my dream to help all the latin community of immigrants.

– Antonio Estrada, Associate Attorney

Since Law School I felt the urge to help the latin community, so I applied to be a legal assistant at a Domestic Violence Program for a non-profit organization. Woking there made me realize the need of legal help to people that suffer from psychologic and physical abuse every day by their partners, and this is what pushed me to thrive so I could help more people.

Today, I enjoy working on what most inspires me, which is my passion to help the latin community of immigrants.

Leonardo Cortés – Assistant Manager, Attorney Licensed to Practice in Mexico Only

I graduated from the Baja California State University with a degree in law. I then began my career working with Cortes y Tapia Law firm in Tijuana, where I developed an interest in international law. After that, I gained valuable experience working with the Mexican Government Secretary with the National Immigration Institute (INAMI), learning how to help people from all over the world immigrate to Mexico, gain work permits, residency and citizenship.

Since joining Union Law Group in 2013, I’ve continued to consult and support individuals needing service in either Mexico or the United States. After moving to San Diego in 2015, my greatest passion is still helping the immigrant community. I like to travel read, do outdoor activities and always enjoy a good happy hour with friends.


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