What Happens After Your Interview at a United States Embassy?

What Happens After Your Interview at a United States Embassy?

You have now attended your immigration interview at a United States embassy in your country of origin. There are two results you could get after your interview: Either your interview went well, or you were given news that you have an inadmissibility not accounted for and are denied entrance into the United States.

What happens if, after my interview, I am denied entrance into the United States?

If your interview did not go as planned, then you will be handed a blue sheet. This blue sheet will explain the reason or reasons why you were denied and, if applicable, it will detail how to remedy the denial. If there is a remedy, then you will likely have to apply for a waiver for which an approval takes approximately one year. That is the short remedy, a longer remedy may be to wait several years, depending on the reason for your inadmissibility. Like everything, approval is not guaranteed. We vehemently recommend for you to talk to an immigration specialist before your interview.

What happens if I am successful in my interview?

If you are successful during your interview, then you will be handed a green sheet. This green sheet welcomes you to the country and gives you further information. Your country of origin’s passport will be taken from you. You will then wait approximately 7 to 10 business days to receive it, via postal service, at a previously designated location. Your passport will arrive with a United States visa attached. Your passport will be inside a sealed envelope, which can only be opened by an immigration officer as you reenter the United States. The immigration officer at the point of entry will open your envelope, input your data into his or her computer, and you will be allowed to enter the United States legally. After entering the United States, you need to order to your home your green card. The green card will likely take approximately 90 days to arrive.

Regardless of your immigration history, we recommend getting a consultation with an immigration attorney who can guide you through the complicated process.

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